RideNow Ultralight Bike Inner Tube 700 x 18 25 28 32 Road MTB Bicycle TPU Tire 4 …



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  • Material: TPU
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand Name: rrskit


Note: Due to logistics restrictions, glue cannot be sent


Product name: Ridenow ultra-light road bicycle inner tube

specification: 700×18/32C (recommended scope of application)

Material: Special TPU

Weight: 36g/19g

Valve length: 65mm detachable valve, supports rim brakes/disc brakes.

Features: Small size, light weight, good toughness, cost-effective


Size : 700 x 18 23 25 28 30 32C Recommended scope of application

Material:Special TPU


Valve length French 65mm


Size: 1.1-1.5 Recommended scope of application(For Brompton)

Material:special TPU


Valve length French 65mm

  • This inner tube cannot be inflated a lot when it is not installed in the outer tire, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage!
    Before installation, please inflate slightly to check for air leakage!

  • When installing, first inflate 0.5PSL, make sure that the inner tube is close to the inner wall of the tire when inflating, and then press and adjust the inner tube.

  • If the vacant inflation exceeds 6PSI, the inner tube will expand beyond repair!

Remember that it is strictly forbidden to exceed 6PSl in empty play!


The special new TPU material has excellent resistance to puncture. Using the integrated manufacturing technology, there are no seam marks around the inner tube, and a circle of interfaces around the inner tube air nozzle reduces the chance of trachoma in the inner tube.

The ultra-light weight is only 36g, which is about 100g less than the traditional butyl rubber inner tube, and a pair saves 200g!

At the same time, the inertia of the outer ring of the wheel set is reduced, making the sprint and acceleration more sensitive.

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