The KENDA KRITERIUM(K1018) Premium Bicycle Tire: Your Ultimate Road Bike Compani …



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The KENDA KRITERIUM(K1018) Premium Bicycle Tire: Your Ultimate Road Bike Companion

When it comes to road biking, having the right tires can significantly impact your performance and overall riding experience. The KENDA KRITERIUM(K1018) Premium Bicycle Tire is designed to meet the demands of road cyclists and help you reach your full potential. Here’s why it’s the ultimate choice for your road bike:

🚴 High-Performance Design: The KENDA KRITERIUM tire is engineered for high performance on the road. Its sleek and smooth tread pattern minimizes rolling resistance, allowing you to ride faster and more efficiently.

🛣️ Optimal Road Grip: These tires provide excellent road grip, giving you confidence while taking sharp turns and navigating various road conditions. You can trust your bike to stay firmly planted on the asphalt.

🏆 Premium Quality: KENDA is a renowned brand in the cycling industry, known for producing high-quality tires. The KRITERIUM tire lives up to this reputation with its premium construction and materials.

🌧️ All-Weather Performance: Whether you’re cycling on dry roads or facing wet conditions, these tires perform consistently. Their ability to handle various weather conditions makes them a reliable choice for year-round riding.

🔧 Easy to Install: Swapping out your old tires for the KENDA KRITERIUM is a straightforward process. They are compatible with most road bikes and can be easily installed at home or by a professional.

🏁 Versatile Sizing: The KENDA KRITERIUM tire comes in two common road bike sizes: 700x25c and 700x23c. These sizes are ideal for a wide range of road bikes, giving you options to suit your specific preferences.

🚴‍♂️ Enhanced Performance: If you’re looking to increase your speed and reduce the effort required for long rides, these tires are an excellent choice. The combination of a high-performance design and quality construction enhances your overall biking experience.

🚲 Trusted Brand: KENDA has a strong presence in the cycling community, and its products are trusted by both professional and recreational riders. The KRITERIUM tire is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality.

🌄 Ideal for Road Enthusiasts: Whether you’re a road racing enthusiast, a daily commuter, or a fitness cyclist, these tires cater to a wide range of riders. They provide a smooth and reliable riding experience.

Upgrade your road biking experience with the KENDA KRITERIUM(K1018) Premium Bicycle Tire. Enjoy reduced rolling resistance, superior grip, and all-weather performance as you cruise on the open road. Whether you’re chasing personal records or simply enjoying leisurely rides, these tires are designed to enhance your road cycling adventures.

  • Model Number: KRITERIUM
  • Size: 700 * 25C
  • Use: Road Bicycles
  • Type: Tire
  • Brand Name: CST
  • Origin: Mainland China


Kriterium Endurance is an evolved version of Kenda’s premium road tire Kriterium, adding the latest double-layer anti-puncture structure – Endurance 2, combined with Iron Cloak, K-Shield and thickened tread compound, greatly improving the durability of the tire. One of the best road training tires.


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