1000w Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike: Unleash the Future of Mobility with P …



Experience the future of mobility with the Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike. This stylish and powerful e-bike boasts a max speed of 30-50km/h, a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, and a 48V 15Ah lithium battery for up to 200kg max load. Unleash your ride!


Unleash the Future of Mobility with Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike

Unleash Your Ride Today

Unleash the future of mobility with the Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike. Experience the thrill of powerful rides, stylish design, and eco-friendly transportation. It’s time to embrace the future and rediscover your love for two-wheeled adventures.

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Are you ready to experience the future of mobility on two wheels? The Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike is here to redefine your rides with power and style. From the bustling city streets to scenic trails, this e-bike is your ticket to efficient and eco-friendly transportation

Power and Style on Two Wheels

At the heart of the Heybike Tyson is a brushless motor that delivers impressive performance. With a max speed of 30-50km/h, this e-bike ensures you’re never left behind. Its aluminum alloy frame strikes the perfect balance between strength and lightweight design, providing a stable and agile ride.

The Unbeatable Lithium Battery

Equipped with a 48V 15Ah lithium battery, the Heybike Tyson offers an outstanding riding experience. You can ride with confidence, knowing you have the power to conquer various terrains and a range that suits your needs. Charge it for over 3 hours, and you’re ready to roll.

🚴 Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike – Unleash the Future of Mobility with Unibody Magnesium Alloy! 🚴

Introducing the Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike, where innovation meets performance in a sleek unibody magnesium alloy frame. This e-bike is powered by a dynamic 1000W motor, capable of reaching a top speed of 28mph. It’s equipped with sturdy 20” x 4.0 fat tires for superior traction, and a high-capacity 48V 15Ah battery for extended adventures.


Key Features:

  • Powerful 1000W Motor: Experience exhilarating acceleration and a seamless riding experience, thanks to the robust 1000W motor.
  • 🚲 Unibody Magnesium Alloy Frame: Enjoy a lightweight and durable frame that enhances both style and performance, making it ideal for urban commutes and outdoor exploration.
  • 🏁 Impressive Speed: Reach up to 28mph, allowing for fast and efficient commuting, so you can cover more ground in less time.
  • 🌲 Fat Tire Adventure: The 20” x 4.0 fat tires provide exceptional traction and stability, making this e-bike perfect for off-road adventures and various terrains.
  • 🔋 Long-Lasting Battery: The 48V 15Ah battery offers an extended riding range, allowing you to explore the world with confidence.
  • 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️ For Adults: Designed for adult riders, the Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike provides a comfortable and secure riding experience for all.

Ready to redefine your mobility with a cutting-edge, unibody electric bike that offers both style and performance? The Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike is your gateway to a future of efficient and electrifying rides.

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  • Certification: ce
  • Style: Standard Type
  • Max Speed: 30-50km/h
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Wheel Size: 20“
  • Wattage: > 500w
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Power Supply: Lithium Battery
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Wielgrootte: 20
  • Vouwbaar: Ja
  • Voeding: Lithium Batterij
  • Oorsprong: Cn (Oorsprong)
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Gears: 7 Speed
  • Torque: 60-70 Nm
  • Charging Time: >3 hours
  • Motor position: Rear Hub Motor
  • Battery Position: Integrated Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 15AH
  • Tire Width: 20*4″
  • Battery: 48V 15Ah Lithium Battery
  • Aluminum shoulder front fork: Aluminum shoulder front fork
  • Tire: 20*4.0” Fat Tire
  • Max load: 200kg
  • Integration line: Integration line
  • Net weight: 31Kg
  • Riding Mode: 3 Modes
  • meter: M5

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