GDSEN X3 PRO with a 48V 750W brushless motor



  • The GDSEN X3 PRO is equipped with a 48V 750W brushless motor. This motor power is suitable for providing a balance between performance and energy efficiency, making it ideal for various riding scenarios.


The GDSEN X3 PRO with a 48V 750W brushless motor is an electric bike designed to offer a powerful and efficient riding experience. Let’s explore the key features and specifications of this electric bike:

1. Motor Power:

  • The GDSEN X3 PRO is equipped with a 48V 750W brushless motor. This motor power is suitable for providing a balance between performance and energy efficiency, making it ideal for various riding scenarios.

2. Brushless Motor:

  • The brushless motor design is known for its durability, efficiency, and low maintenance. Brushless motors tend to have a longer lifespan compared to traditional brushed motors and offer a smoother riding experience.

3. Electric Assistance:

  • The electric bike is likely to feature pedal-assist functionality, allowing riders to augment their pedaling effort with electric power. This feature is popular for commuting and long rides, providing an extra boost when needed.

4. Commuter-Friendly:

  • Electric bikes with a 48V 750W motor are often well-suited for commuting purposes. The motor’s power level can assist riders in navigating urban environments, hills, and varied terrains with ease.

5. Battery Voltage:

  • The motor is paired with a 48V system, indicating the voltage of the electric bike’s battery. A higher voltage often translates to more power and speed potential, contributing to improved performance.

6. Design and Frame:

  • The design and frame construction of the GDSEN X3 PRO play a crucial role in the bike’s stability and durability. The frame is likely designed to accommodate the motor and battery seamlessly while providing a comfortable riding position.

7. Riding Modes:

  • The electric bike is expected to offer multiple riding modes, allowing users to choose between different levels of electric assistance. This flexibility caters to individual preferences and the demands of specific riding conditions.

8. LCD Display:

  • An LCD display is likely integrated into the bike’s design, providing riders with essential information such as speed, distance traveled, battery level, and selected assist mode. This display enhances the user experience and keeps riders informed during their journey.

9. Range and Battery Capacity:

  • The effective range per charge depends on factors such as terrain, rider weight, and assist mode. The battery capacity is a key factor in determining how far the bike can travel on a single charge.

10. Construction Quality:

  • A well-constructed and durable electric bike ensures longevity and a reliable riding experience. Quality components and attention to detail in the manufacturing process contribute to the bike’s overall performance and safety.

Before purchasing the GDSEN X3 PRO, potential buyers should consider their specific needs, including commuting distance, terrain, and desired features.

Reading user reviews and understanding the warranty and after-sales support are also important steps in the decision-making process.

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  • Model Number: X3 PRO
  • Certification: ce
  • Rated Passenger Capacity: One Seat
  • Style: Multifunctional Type
  • Max Speed: 30-50km/h
  • Range per Power: > 60 km
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Wheel Size: 26“
  • Wattage: > 500w
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Power Supply: Lithium Battery
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: GDSEN
  • Tire: 26*4.0 inch CST tires for the mountain, snow, rain, or muddy road
  • Frame: 26inch aluminum alloy foldable frame
  • Battery: 48V 14H lithium battery Battery
  • Mileage: 35-50 miles (E-bike) | 50-60 miles (PAS)
  • Charging time: 5-7 Hours
  • Charger: US standard 48V 2A smart charger
  • Display: 4.3 Inch multi-function color display(with USB rechargeable)
  • Freewheel: Shimano 8-speed cassette
  • Brake: Double-disc hydraulic brake
  • Bike Weight(Without battery): 61lbs (54.4lbs)
  • Combo Set Offered: null
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Battery: 48V 14H Samsung lithium battery Battery
Motor: 48V 750W brushless motor, 62 Nm of torque
Mileage: 35-50 miles (E-bike) | 50-60 miles (PAS)
Charging time: 5-7 hours
Charger: US standard 48V 2A smart charger
Frame: 26inch aluminum alloy foldable frame
Display: 4.3 Inch multi-function color display(with USB rechargeable)
Freewheel: Shimano 8-speed cassette
Fork: 26-inch alloy pneumatic shock absorption, adjustable and locked suspension fork
Brake: Double-disc hydraulic brake
Transmission: Shimano 8-speed
Seat: Silicone seat
Tire: 26*4.0 inch CST tires for mountain, snow, rain, or muddy road
Maximum payload weight limit: 300lbs
Recommend rider heights: 5’4″ – 6’5″
Bike Weight(Without battery): 61lbs (54.4lbs)
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GDSEN X3 PRO proudly boasts power never before seen in a GDSEN family. The 750W motor with a wallke power assist system greatly extends the maximum range and conquers beach, snow, mountain, and other terrain. The Wallke development team designed the energy-saving system. when the bike glides down the hill, and converts it into electrical energy, which can achieve the goal of energy-saving.
The rugged aluminum alloy frame includes a hidden battery pack, a 48v14ah SAMSUNG large capacity lithium battery delivers over 60-70 miles per charge with pedal assist or around 40 miles in throttle mode.
Double-disc hydraulic brakes provide you with strong stopping power, which can stop the bike more effectively, even in loose terrain. you can choose any speed to complete your journey, and perfect brakes fully protect your safety.
All-aluminum,shock-absorbing, adjustable front, efficient air suspension fork. Combined with the fat tires, you can expect better handling, improved cornering capabilities, and an overall smooth-as-air riding experience.
Made of 100% aluminum alloy, streamlined design: the body is made of all-aluminum alloy, including foldable pedals, cranks, leather handles, and silicone seats for a great riding experience, Shimano 8-speed shifting meets your various cycling needs!
Intelligent color display, this feature supplies WALLKE X3 PRO with three levels of electric pedal assist. The intelligent color display provides a digital display offering accurate battery level, speed, USP charging port and distance traveled.
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