Electrify Your Ride: Unleash the Power with the eBIKE Conversion Kit – 20- …



The eBIKE Conversion Kit empowers you to redefine your cycling experience, transforming your ordinary bike into an electrified masterpiece.

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“Electrify Your Ride: Unleash the Power with the eBIKE Conversion Kit – 20-29 Inch and 700C Options! 🚴‍♂️⚡🔧”

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Revolutionize your cycling experience with the eBIKE Conversion Kit, a dynamic solution designed to electrify bicycles ranging from 20 to 29 inches and 700C.

This comprehensive guide explores the key features, specifications, and electrifying possibilities that come with the 36V 250W, 48V 1000W, and 1500W Front and Rear Bicycle Hub Motor Wheel Conversion Kit.

Key Specifications: Electric Bike Conversion

  • Compatibility: 20-29 Inch and 700C Bicycles
  • Motor Types: Front and Rear Hub Motors
  • Wattage Options: 36V 250W, 48V 1000W, 1500W
  • Voltage: 36V, 48V
  • Wheel Sizes: Available for 20-29 Inch and 700C
  • Installation: Front and Rear Conversion Options
  • Display: (Specify if included)
  • Throttle Type: (Specify if included)
  • Brake Compatibility: (Specify if included)
  • Battery Compatibility: (Specify voltage and capacity recommendations)
  • Speed Range: Varies based on motor wattage


1. Versatile Bicycle Compatibility:

  • The eBIKE Conversion Kit caters to a wide range of bicycles, providing versatility for various wheel sizes, including 20 to 29 inches and 700C.

2. Front and Rear Hub Motors:

  • Choose between front and rear hub motor options based on your riding preferences, offering flexibility and customization.

3. Powerful Wattage Selections:

  • Tailor your electric bike’s power with wattage options including 36V 250W, 48V 1000W, and 1500W for a range of riding experiences.

4. Variable Voltage Configurations:

  • Adapt to your desired voltage configuration, choosing between 36V and 48V based on your performance and power requirements.

5. Tailored Wheel Sizes:

  • Whether you have a compact 20-inch bike or a larger 29-inch model, the kit accommodates a variety of wheel sizes, ensuring a seamless fit for your bicycle.

6. Front and Rear Conversion Options:

  • Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between front and rear conversion kits, each providing distinct advantages and performance characteristics.

7. Optional Display and Throttle:

  • Some kits may include a display and throttle, enhancing your control and providing real-time information during your electric biking experience.

8. Brake Compatibility:

  • Ensure safety and control with brake-compatible options that seamlessly integrate with your existing brake system.

9. Battery Compatibility Guidelines:

  • The kit is designed to work with compatible batteries. Consider the recommended voltage and capacity for optimal performance and range.

10. Adaptable Speed Range:

- Experience a variable speed range, allowing you to choose between high-speed rides or a more leisurely pace based on your preferences.

Considerations Before Installation:

1. Bicycle Assessment:

  • Confirm that your bicycle is compatible with the specified wheel sizes and hub motor options.

2. Legal Regulations:

  • Familiarize yourself with local regulations regarding electric bike conversions, including speed limits and other compliance requirements.

3. Installation Expertise:

  • Assess your technical skills and comfort level with bicycle maintenance. Seek professional assistance if needed, especially during the installation process.

eBIKE Conversion Kit

The eBIKE Conversion Kit empowers you to redefine your cycling experience, transforming your ordinary bike into an electrified masterpiece. Whether you seek efficient commuting or thrilling adventures, this kit promises an electrifying journey on two wheels! 🚴‍♂️⚡🔧

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Dear European customers, you can buy all wheel kits from China, if we have them in a Spanish warehouse, we will ship from Spain instead.

Then you will save 19-30% VAT. Delivery time is also 2-7 days. If it is only available from China, you can pay an extra 30usd for free tax shipping DDP.


Highly Recommended Products

1. Battery is not included, below link is a Highly Recommended Battery- Safe and long lifespan

eBIKE Conversion Kit

eBIKE Conversion Kit

2. Highly Recommended Accessories

If you need an inner and outer tire for the wheel, it only needs an extra 13usd. If you need an extra disc brake rotor 16mm, only 2usd. If you need an extra 7-speed 14-28T freewheel, it is only 5usd. They only can be shipped with motor wheels from China.

eBIKE Conversion Kit 20-29 Inch 700C Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit 48V 1000W 1500W 36V 250W Front Rear Bike Hub Motor Wheel

Packing List

1* Front or Rear motor wheel

1 * DC Controller

1 * Controller Bag

1 Pair * Power cut-off Brake lever

1 * SW900 Display

1 * 8 Magnet Pedal Assistant Sensor

1 * Twist Throttle

Product Details

1. Motor wheel
1).48V motor wheel
a. Full No-load Speed:

48V 1000W about 45-55km/h

48V 1500W about 50-60km/h

b. Rim: Double-wall Aluminium Alloy Rim /25mm inner width
c. Hub Motor: 48V Brushless Non-gear (Gearless) Hub Motor
d.Rear wheel Bottom bracket: 135mm-142mm
Front dropout 100mm
e.Rotating speed
48V 500W/1000W:470RMP
48V 1500W:540RMP
48V 1000W: 30-40NM
48V 1500W: 35-45NM
2).36V motor wheel

a. Full No-Load Speed: about 20-35km/hour

b. Rim: Double-wall Aluminium Alloy Rim/ 25mm inner width

c. Hub Motor: 36V  Brushless geared hub motor

d. Wheel dropout:Front 100mm/ Rear 135mm-142mm

e.Rotating speed

36V 250W/350W: 320 RPM

36V 500W: 350 RPM

f.torque: 35-45NM
Rim size
For rear motor wheel, it is a thread type of freewheel
eBIKE Conversion Kit

eBIKE Conversion Kit

2. Controller

CSC 6 MOSFET controller
Fit for: 36V 250W/350W/500W motor wheel ,SW900 Display
Rated current: 15A ,Max current: 30±1A
Size: 124*67*32mm

CSC 12 MOSFET controller
Fit for: 48V 1000W motor wheel,SW900 Display
Rated current: 26A , Max current: 44±1A
Size: 171*81*41mm

CSC 15 MOSFET controller
Fit for: 48V 1500W motor wheel ,SW900 Display
Rated current: 35A , Max current: 70±1A
Size: 205*81*41mm

eBIKE Conversion Kit

eBIKE Conversion Kit

1). Controller Bag or box,

It may be different in look, if you mind it, please contact us before you buy it.

eBIKE Conversion Kit

eBIKE Conversion Kit

2. SW900 Display

2.1 LCD Display
Speed indicator, PAS grades indicator, Battery indicator, Error indicator, Single Trip Distance and
Total Distance, Headlight indicator.
2.2 Parameters Setting
Power on/off, Headlight on/off, 6KM/H Cruise control, Wheel size, Max speed setting,
Auto stand-by and sleep mode setting, Background luminance setting, Working voltage setting
eBIKE Conversion Kit

eBIKE Conversion Kit

3. PAS sensor- 8 Magnet

eBIKE Conversion Kit

eBIKE Conversion Kit

5. Brake Lever

eBIKE Conversion Kit

eBIKE Conversion Kit

6. Throttles

Twist Throttle

eBIKE Conversion Kit

eBIKE Conversion Kit

Shipping and Warranty

1. )Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

2. )If you have any questions after you receive the items, please contact us first. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are confident that you will be pleased with our services.
3.)If you need DPD/ XDB to European countries, please buy the link below with the Conversion Kit together. please contact us to check whether you can use this service.

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