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  • Type: Controller
  • Brand Name: SPORTARC
  • Origin: Mainland China

*By turning the real-time voltage value can accurately determine the amount of the remaining amount of electricity.
*To avoid traveling on the way without electricity and accurate judgment of the lithium battery is damaged.
*By turning the real-time voltage value can accurately determine the judge the quality of lithium battery.
*Automatic to identification electric vehicles’ voltage under 100V, support 36V or 48V,60V,72V   universal used and real-time display.
*Universal throttle for electric bike, scooter , tricycle, and other electric vehicle.

*With color LCD display, it can display voltage, speed, mileage, very convenient and practical functions

*The upgraded version supports gear selection, and can support speed adjustment of 3 gears, which is more suitable for you

**Material:ABS + Rubber+ metal
*Color:Black+ silver
*Cable length: 1.5M (Approx.)

*connection: 6pin,8pin(support 3 gear speed adjustment )

*A hall sensor needs to be connected to match the speed.

*interface definition for 6Pin

Red line : Hall +5V

Green line: Hall signal

Black line : Hall negative ground wire

Yellow line: positive power output from the lock

White line : positive power input from the lock

Brown line: speed measurement cable

*interface definition for 8Pin

Red line:Hall 5V positive input

Green line:Hall voltage signal output

Black line:Hall negative ground wireThe positive

Yellow line: power supply outputs the positive

White line: power supply from the lock to the lockLog

Brown line: speed line

Blue line :Gear line

Light blue line:gear line

*LCD throttle "M" operation method

1. Press and hold "M" to turn on the power, and wait for P00 to be displayed to release the power.

2. Click "M" to switch adjustment options, main menu: P00-P09.

3. After selecting the corresponding option, long press to enter the next step. (For example: long press P00 to enter the voltage option: click the M button to select the voltage, then long press the M button to select, restart the LCD throttle to use.

M key function parameter analysis

PO0:Optional voltage: 24V36V48V60V72V: Default: 48V

PO1:Phase line speed multiplier, phase line is the motor three phase lines. If the actual speed is 30 and the instrument shows 25, the corresponding value of P01 can be increased, and the corresponding value can be reduced if the display speed is faster. Default value 100

PO2:Suction Mileage correction is usually not used

PO3: phase line speed measurement, 2 hall speed measurementDefault Hall speed measurement

PO4:Motor wheel diameter inch, used to adjust the speed measurement. The greater the number of wheel diameters selected, the faster the speed displayed

PO5:The number of motor magnets, used to adjust the Hall speed measurement, select the larger the corresponding display speed is slower, P05 is generally not used, correct the Hall speed measurement display with P04

PO6:attery voltage correction, default 100, such as: multimeter measurement battery 46V, instrument display 44V, then the parameter to 101 P06 basically do not adjust

PO7:Gear 1, 2, 3, default 0 no gear

PO8Total mileage is reset 10 times in a row

PO9Metric Imperial unit switch, default metric, 2.miles


Factory default Hall speed measurement, corrected phase line speed measurement with P01, corrected Hall speed measurement with P04 and P05

Package include:
1 PAIR x Bicycle handlebar with display

1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
2. Please allow slight manual measurement deviation for the data.


tips:If you are not clear about the functional line of the original car, open the shell of the handle to see, firstof all, make sure that each of the handle lines of the original car is in the right, don’t worry about the wiring, the Hall line, the switch line. Connect the three Hall cables before connecting the switch cable or switch cable.

Remember to turn off the battery before wiring to avoid short circuit! For example: the original turn handle is 7 lines can not use the new turn handle of 6 lines. The original turn handle is the cruise speed model of the unavailable 6-line new turn handle, please pay attention to their own turn handle is how many lines, so as not to cause losses.

The switch line is two, that is to say, the short circuit of the two lines can start the electric vehicle, the Hall line is used for speed regulation, the Hall line is 3, the switch line can be connected to the reverse, the Hall line can not be connected to the reverse switch line and the Hall line mixed will burn the handle Hall sensor, resulting in the car can not drive this kind of situation is not after-sales. If the lock screen is still bright after the cable is connected, then switch the wiring of the yellow and white lines!


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