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  • Type: Controller
  • Brand Name: ALLTOO
  • Origin: Mainland China



*  brand new and high quality

*Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use

*Controller harness function

Lamp power supply:

Headlight power cord is 2 wires, black and yellow, of which black wire

For the negative pole, the yellow wire needs to be turned on after the headlight switch of the instrument is turned on.

Switch control, the output voltage is the battery voltage (note that it is not 5V or 12V).

power cable:

There are two power cords on the controller, black and red. The cord is very thick (silicone high temperature wire). It is used to connect the positive and negative poles of the battery. The negative pole of the black cord and the positive pole of the red cord must not be wrong!

Power line:

The power line on the controller is 3 lines, blue red and black, blue is the power signal line, red 5V, black negative. The booster function needs to be connected to the booster sensor, which is mainly used for pedal electric bicycles and assists riding, making the riding process more labor-saving.


The self-learning line is used when the controller is installed, and the matching between the motor and the controller can be automatically completed without complicated manual phase matching. Make it easier to install.

Power off brake:

This controller is a low-level power-off brake. The two wires are white and black. The white wire is the signal wire and the black wire is the negative electrode (low level). Turn the black wire and the white wire on the controller to let the motor Power off does not work. By the way, a description of the high-level power-off brake. The high-level power-off brake has a signal line. This signal line needs to be connected to the controller with a high-level line higher than 12V to make the motor power off and not work. .

Rotary handle line: Red, white and black 3 sets of lines are rotary handle line, red 4.3V, white speed control signal line, black negative pole, need to connect to the handle or speed dial.

Instrument cable: used to connect the instrument matched with the controller.

Motor Hall Motor Hall line, as the name implies, is the Hall line used to connect the motor. But this money control

The Hall wire of the controller has an additional white speed measurement line (generally, the electric bicycle motor will bring a speed measurement line, if it does not, it will not matter the white line)

Motor phase

The motor phase wire is used to connect the motor phase wire. These three wires are thick and high-temperature silicone wire.

*Controller system function:

Soft / hard start: This connects 2 different types of controllers, of which S6-51 is a soft start controller and S6-61 is a hard start controller.

Undervoltage protection: When the battery voltage drops to the controller’s undervoltage value, the output is automatically stopped to protect the battery in time to prevent damage to the battery pack due to over-discharge.

Power-on anti-speeding and running anti-speeding: to prevent the speeding caused by the controller power on when the line or the handle is faulty, and improve the safety of the vehicle.

MOS tube short-circuit protection: automatically detect the failure of MOS tube at power-on to prevent damage to other MOS tubes due to the short circuit of the chain

High temperature protection: when the temperature of the controller is too high, it will automatically reduce the output current or stop the output.

Rotation protection: When the motor is blocked, the control cap automatically limits the current. When the motor is blocked, the circuit is automatically cut off after 2S to protect the motor and controller in time.


*Material: Aluminum

*Working voltage: 24/36 / 48V

*Size: 86 * 53 * 30mm(Approx.)

*Color: as shown

*Undervoltage protection: 19/29 / 39V

*Current limit: 13 / 15A

*Motor angle: 60/120 degrees

*Stall protection: 2S

*Quiescent current: 22Ma

*Current mode: constant current

*Power: 250 / 350W

*Optional models:24V-48V250W(S6-51/Sw900),24V-48V350W(S6-51/Sw900),24V-48V250W(S6-61/Sw900),24V-48V350W(S6-61/Sw900)

Package Contents:

1 * meter

1 * Controller


1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.

2. Please allow slight manual measurement deviation for the data.


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