20in Electric Folding City Bike – Your Convenient Urban Companion! 🚴



Embrace the future of urban mobility with the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike where convenience meets cutting-edge technology..


The SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike is a revolutionary urban commuting solution that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with a compact and foldable design.


Let’s explore the exceptional features of this electric bike, showcasing why it’s the ideal choice for modern city dwellers.

1. Compact and Foldable Design: The standout feature of the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike is its compact and foldable design.

Perfect for urban living, this electric bike can be easily folded and stowed away in tight spaces, making it a practical choice for commuters with limited storage.

2. Powerful Electric Motor: At the core of the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike is a powerful electric motor, providing efficient and eco-friendly propulsion. The motor is designed to tackle urban landscapes with ease, offering a smooth and responsive riding experience.

3. 20″ Wheel Size: The 20″ wheel size strikes a balance between agility and stability, making it well-suited for navigating through city streets. The compact wheels contribute to the bike’s overall maneuverability, allowing riders to navigate through traffic effortlessly.

4. Lightweight 20in Electric Folding City Bike: Constructed with lightweight materials, the SAMEBIKE 20″ Electric Folding City Bike” is easy to handle and transport. The bike’s frame is engineered for durability while maintaining a weight that ensures a nimble and agile ride.

5. Commuter-Friendly Features: Designed with the commuter in mind, the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike comes equipped with features such as fenders to protect against splashes, a comfortable saddle for extended rides, and integrated lighting for enhanced visibility during night commutes.

6. Long-Lasting Battery: Powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike ensures that riders can cover substantial distances on a single charge. The battery’s capacity is optimized for urban commuting, providing a reliable and efficient power source.

7. Intuitive Control Panel: The intuitive control panel on the handlebars allows riders to easily manage the electric assistance levels and monitor essential information such as battery life, speed, and distance. This user-friendly interface enhances the overall riding experience.

8. Adjustable Assistance Levels: Tailor your ride to your preferences with the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike adjustable assistance levels. Choose between different power modes to suit your commuting needs, whether it’s a leisurely cruise or a quick sprint to your destination.

9. Responsive Braking System: Safety is paramount, especially in city traffic. The SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike features a responsive braking system, ensuring reliable stopping power when needed. The combination of front and rear brakes enhances overall control and safety.

10. Sleek and Modern Aesthetics: The design of the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike is both sleek and modern, making a stylish statement on city streets. The contemporary aesthetics contribute to the overall appeal, making it a fashionable choice for urban commuters.

11. Versatile Riding Modes: Experience versatile riding with the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike, offering the option to pedal manually, use electric assistance, or enjoy a fully electric ride. This flexibility allows riders to adapt to different commuting scenarios seamlessly.

12. Convenient Charging Options: Charging the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike is convenient and hassle-free. Whether at home, the office, or a public charging station, the electric bike’s battery can be easily charged, ensuring it’s ready for your next urban adventure.

In conclusion, the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike redefines urban commuting by blending innovation, convenience, and style. With its compact design, powerful electric motor, and commuter-friendly features, this electric bike is a game-changer for those seeking an efficient and enjoyable way to navigate the bustling cityscape.

Embrace the future of urban mobility with the SAMEBIKE 20in Electric Folding City Bike where convenience meets cutting-edge technology.


  • ⚑ Efficient Electric Power: Cruise through city streets effortlessly with the assistance of the powerful electric motor, making your daily commute a breeze.
  • πŸ”‹ High-Capacity Battery: The 36V 12Ah battery ensures you have the juice to reach your destination and back, even during long workdays.
  • πŸ™οΈ City-Friendly Design: The compact 20″ wheels and folding feature make it easy to navigate urban environments and store your e-bike in tight spaces.
  • 🚲 Comfortable Riding: Enjoy a comfortable and upright riding position, with features designed for urban comfort and convenience.
  • 🌧️ Weather-Resistant Build: This e-bike is built to withstand various weather conditions, allowing you to ride with confidence come rain or shine.
  • πŸŒ† Perfect for Urban Living: Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or simply exploring the city, this e-bike is the ideal companion for urban living.

Ready to transform your urban commute into a more efficient, eco-friendly, and enjoyable experience? The SAMEBIKE 20 Electric Folding City Bike is your key to hassle-free city cycling.

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  • Certification:Β CE
  • Style:Β Standard Type
  • Range per Power:Β 31 – 60 km
  • Motor:Β Brushless
  • Wattage:Β 251 – 350w
  • Foldable:Β Yes
  • Power Supply:Β Lithium Battery
  • Voltage:Β 36V
  • Brand Name:Β SAMEBIKE
  • Origin:Β Mainland China

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Basic features:


Frame: 20″ aluminum alloy 6061 folding frame

Front fork: Suspension front fork

Battery: 36V10AH lithium battery (Rear shelf battery)

Motor: 350W high-speed brushless gear motor

Derailleur: SHIMANO 7Speed

Meter: Smart left LCD meter

Driving Mode: Electrical & PAS

Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes

Seat tube: Shock seat tube

Tire: 20*1.95 CHAOYANG tire

Rim: Spoke Rim

Mudplate: PVC Mudplate

Rear carrier: High carbon steel thickened rear carrier

Option: USB 2.0 Mobile phone charging

Light group: Front LED light, wheel reflectors, rear LED brake tail light

Others: Vehicle waterproof connector + quick disassembly plug

Package: 131*25*74, 29kgs


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