🚴 1000W 35AH Men’s and Women’s Foldable Ebike – Unleash Urb …



Discover the perfect blend of power and portability with the 1000W 35AH Men’s and Women’s Foldable Ebike for both men and women.


🚴 1000W 35AH Men’s and Women’s Foldable Ebike – Unleash Urban Adventure with Torque and Style! 🚴

Introducing the 1000W 35AH Foldable Ebike: Unleash Freedom

E-biking reaches new heights with the 1000W 35AH Foldable Ebike, designed to provide the ultimate freedom for both men and women. This versatile e-bike offers a powerful 1000W motor and a spacious 35AH battery, making it the perfect companion for exploration, commuting, and adventure.

The Power of 1000W

At the core of the 1000W 35AH Ebike is a robust 1000W motor. This motor delivers exhilarating power and speed, allowing you to conquer a variety of terrains with ease. Whether you’re navigating city streets, ascending hills, or seeking off-road thrills, the 1000W motor ensures an exciting riding experience.

Spacious 35AH Battery

With a 35AH battery, this e-bike offers an extended range for your journeys. You won’t have to worry about running out of power on your adventures. The spacious battery provides the freedom to explore further and longer.

Foldable Design for Convenience

Portability is a key feature of the 1000W 35AH Foldable Ebike. Its foldable design allows for easy storage and transport, making it an excellent choice for commuters and adventurers who value convenience. Take your e-bike wherever you go.

Men’s and Women’s Freedom

This e-bike is designed to offer freedom to riders of all genders. Whether you’re a man or a woman, the 1000W 35AH Ebike caters to your needs, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the exhilaration of e-biking.

Versatile Riding Experience

From urban commuting to off-road adventures, this e-bike adapts to your riding preferences. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of experiences. The world is your playground, and this e-bike is your key to exploring it.

Effortless Setup and Maintenance

Setting up and maintaining the 1000W 35AH Foldable Ebike is straightforward. It’s designed for user-friendliness and low maintenance, allowing you to focus on what you love most: riding.

Elevate Your Riding ExperienceOutdoor E-Bike Storage Shed 4 Bikes

Are you ready to elevate your riding experience and embrace the ultimate freedom? The 1000W 35AH Foldable Ebike for Men and Women is your passport to exciting adventures, hassle-free commuting, and the joy of e-biking. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to the power, convenience, and portability this e-bike brings to your rides.

Key Features:

  • Torque Sensor Motor: Experience responsive and efficient riding with the torque sensor motor, ensuring smooth acceleration and control.
  • 🔋 High-Capacity Battery: The 35AH battery provides an extended riding range, allowing you to explore your city with freedom and ease.
  • 🏙️ Urban-Ready Design: This e-bike is perfectly suited for city commuting, featuring a foldable design and a compact frame for easy storage and transportation.
  • 🚀 High-Speed Adventures: Cruise through city streets with precision and power, enjoying the thrill of high-speed rides.
  • 🌲 Fat Tire Design: The 4.0-inch fat tires offer excellent traction and stability, making this e-bike suitable for urban terrains and various road conditions.
  • 🌄 Impressive Range: With a range of up to 120 km, this e-bike allows you to explore the city and beyond without worrying about recharging.

Ready to navigate urban landscapes with ease and style? The 1000W 35AH Men’s and Women’s Foldable Ebike is designed to cater to your urban adventure needs.

Visit ebikesandaccessories.com to learn more about this e-bike and explore a wide range of eBike accessories. Start your journey towards efficient and electrifying urban rides today!

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  • Model Number: Y-SW
  • Certification: ce
  • Rated Passenger Capacity: Two Seat
  • Style: Multifunctional Type
  • Max Speed: >50km/h
  • Range per Power: 31 – 60 km
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Wheel Size: 20“
  • Wattage: > 500w
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Power Supply: Lithium Battery
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Brand Name: IDOTATA
  • Origin: Mainland China

Product details:

  • Specifications:
  • color black
  • Motor 350W/750/1000W Motor
  • Battery 48V15-35AH lithium battery
  • Display LCD
  • Brake Disc Brake
  • Throttle Throttle with key
  • Fork front suspension fork
  • Rear Deraileur Shimano
  • Thumb Deraileur Shimano
  • FreeWheel Shimano Altus 7speeds
  • Tyre 20 *4.0
  • Performance
  • Speed 35-45km/h
  • Range >40km-120km
  • Charging Time 6-8hours
  • Loading Ability 150KG
  • Packing
  • G.W 29KG
  • N.W 34KG
  • Package Size 147*300*770mm


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